Around the World with Allegra McEvedy & Friends

As we look forward to the end of lockdown and the ability to take holidays and possibly even travel again, reawaken your adventuring spirit with a six-week 'flight' Around the World with Allegra and her band of international cooking buddies.


Allegra has put together a whirlwind tour of the globe with stops in some of her favourite culinary places. Once aboard Allegra’s figurative jet, you will be met at each destination by an expert guide to the authentic cuisine


Each week, Allegra and her superstar co-cook invite you to join them via a live cook-along link for an unbelievable feast for the senses, banter and good times all round!


This package really has it all: it’s an adventure, it’s a challenge, it’s definitely going to be different but most of all it’s going to transport us out of these small spaces we’ve had to inhabit and back into the big wide world!

Puzzled Productions presents: