with Goli Goudarznia
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a fresh & vibrant traditional salad with feta and flatbread


Baghali Polow and Mirza Ghasemi 

a stunning rice dish with broad beans, garlic and dill, slow cooked to create the unmissable 'tahdigh', alongside a Northern Iranian speciality of roasted aubergine, tomato sauce and beaten egg


Sholeh Zard 

saffron, cardamom and cinnamon scented rice pudding with silvered almonds and touch of rose water

This menu is vegetarian.

Persian Cuisine is one of the most interesting, ancient yet clandestine in the world. Fragrant flavours, surprising techniques and sublime pairings make this stop an unmissable place to kick off our tour.

Goli and I were at school together and I’ve been seeking her advice on all Persian culinary matters ever since. She is an absolutely stunning, calm and talented presence in the kitchen.”

Crispy cornmeal okra, spiced tomato salsa


Grandma Catherine’s Jollof rice; with aubergine & pepper or pork kebab, marinated in ginger, garlic and fennel seeds. 


Mango & coconut fool

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with Sefa Amedewonu 

"The cooking of the Northern shoreline of Africa gets plenty of airspace, and right at the other end, South African food is also on the global map. However  there is comparatively little general knowledge about the many cuisines in between.

Cherished by locals and ex-pats alike, the food of Ghana is widely considered one of the best in Central Africa, and so for a true taste of great Ghanaian gastronomy join us for this eye-opening evening of skills, textures and spices.

Sefa and her lovely family are best friends from the church I’ve been going to since I was a little girl. Chef by trade, currently at Fortnums, and West London girl throughout, her spirit, heart and instinctive cooking remains Ghanaian."

Curry Puffs

Sesame ginger chicken rice or sesame ginger tofu 

with Mum’s chilli sauce & charred cabbage, anchovy dressing 

Pineapple tarts

with SiewYen Chong

"Singaporean cuisine is a majestic melting pot of so many great cultures that have passed through this strategically placed island. Through the Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian and Westerners all making their mark on menus, Singaporean cuisine has developed it’s own strong identity, reflected by the locals’ pride and obsession with eating! 

Yenny was almost as fundamental to the setting up of Leon as the co-founders. Her enthusiasm and energy for life are second to none, as is her deep love of her Singaporean cuisine.”

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Southern Italy
with Fred Dickieson

Making the most of your Mozz:
Mozzarelle di bufala, verdza di primavera, at rasoio, menta vera, olio buona

Buffalo mozzarella, shredded spring greens, mint, and extra virgin
Zuppa-tini di verdure primaveriana da fettine sottilissimi- asparago, sedano
e basilico

L’il soup of mozzarella milk, asparagus, celery and basil

Bronzino arrosto o (pure melanzane) con patate nuovo, origano, olive nere,
pomidorini datterini e finocchio + insalate verde

Baked seabass or aubergine with fennel, new potatoes, cherry toms, black olives
and oregano + leaf salad

Ficci al forno, ai crema di halva, mandorle dorate
Baked figs, toasted almond tofu tahini cream

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"Southern Italy is literally a world apart from their Northern compatriots. Whilst the North is refined and rich, the South remains rough around the edges, both in attitude and food. Plenty of coastline makes fish and seafood a given, and the heat of the Southern sun gives us sun-rich produce that’s any cook’s dream.

Most Italian menus – pizza and pasta aside – tend to be from the fancier North. Join us to see how the other half of this most beloved of world cuisines make the most of every penny with every mouthful.

Fred and I met on my first ever professional day in a restaurant back in 1992. He’s an honorary member of the McEvedy clan and although he hails from Prince Edward Island, he has been living in Bari, Southern Italy, on and off for 25 years with his partner Giovanni".

Trevor’s Guyanese feast is still a work in progress, the final menu will be posted later this week. 

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with Trevor Phillips

"The influences of Guyanese cuisine read like a food historian’s dream: Afro-Caribbean, East Indian, Amerindian, Creole and Portuguese with a smattering of British thrown in to round it off.

Flavours are bold and spices are high, but balanced with sun-ripe produce and super-fresh fish and seafood from the coast.

For the adventurous cook, wanting to add some new tricks to their locker, this is just the stop for you.

TP’s kitchen skills are one of the best secrets in politics. Ever since the garlic pork I had on New Year's Day in 2014, that had taken him three weeks to prepare, I’ve been trying to get him in the kitchen next to me to share his Guyanese secrets - what a coup."

with Deniz Safa

Firinlanmis balli ve susamli beyaz peyniri, citir citir ekmekle

Baked feta with honey, sesame & herbs, with crisped up flatbread

Sam fistikli kofte/Sam fistikli mercimekli kofte, piyaz, caçik ve açili ezme 

Pistachio lamb kofte or pistachio puy lentil kofte with cannellini bean and sumac salad, mint yoghurt and Turkish chilli sauce 

Sigara seklinde portakalli ve cikolatali baklava

Chocolate Orange Baklava Cigars 

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"Turkey is uniquely placed in the world, with Istanbul straddling the Bosphorus Straits across Asia and Europe. Roots from both sides feed in to make this one of the most historical and fascinating cuisines in the world, so attractive and enticing to me that I made a whole TV show about it: check out Allegra’s Turkish Delights!

I met Deniz when she was the international culinary liaison for that series, which was ten years ago and since then she has been my right hand gal on two books and untold family events”